Pediatric Unit

Your child won’t be just another patient at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. Our pediatric unit doesn’t treat patients, we treat kids. Our six-bed facility makes your child’s stay as comfortable as possible with age appropriate toys, books, videos and games to stay entertained and a team of specialists working to give your child outstanding care.

Parents are not considered visitors in the pediatric unit and may stay around the clock. A bed or sleeper chair is available for one parent to spend the night. Complimentary meals are served to the parent staying with the child. Electric pumps are also available for breastfeeding mothers upon request.

Our Team

The Sierra Vista pediatric team includes pediatric specialists with the experience needed to care for our youngest patients, pediatric nurses with specialized skills and knowledge for caring for sick children and a host of hospital support staff, including occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, dieticians and social workers. We also have a child life specialist who is specially trained to deal with children’s reactions to illness and helps tend to the emotional needs of your child. You’ll also work closely with a hospitalist who consults with you and your child’s doctor to determine the best course of treatment.

Safety and Security

The safety of your child is of utmost importance to Sierra Vista staff. For the security of your infant or toddler, a special bracelet will be placed around your child’s ankle to ensure your child doesn’t leave the pediatric unit without permission. The bracelet is electronically activated and will sound an alarm that activates the hospital’s child protection system.

All Sierra Vista staff wear photo ID badges. When someone enters your child’s room, check to see that he or she is wearing an ID badge and ask to see one if not. Don’t allow your child to go with anyone without an ID badge. Nursing shifts in the pediatric unit change at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. At these times, nurses will stop at your child’s room to introduce themselves. You may also come in contact with other hospital staff, such as housekeeping personnel and volunteers. Please alert your nurse if you are uncomfortable with any situation or are unsure about a staff member.

Crib Safety

For your child’s safety, all cribs and beds at Sierra Vista are equipped with safety rails. We ask that the safety rails are up and locked in place at all times. Young children and babies are not allowed to share a bed with a parent or guardian. Children 3 years and younger will be placed in a crib. High-sided cribs are used for children 3 to 12 months old, and “bubble-top” cribs are used for children up to 3 years old who can stand.

If you would prefer your child to be in a regular bed, please let your nurse know. A crib waiver is required, along with the understanding that the parent must stay with and watch the child at all times.

Car Safety

State law requires that children under age 6 or weighing less than 60 pounds be securely fastened in a car seat. If your child is within this requirement, we ask that you have a car seat available when your child is ready to go home.

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