Cancer Conferences

Consultative Cancer Conferences, or “Tumor Boards”, play a key role in the treatment of patients diagnosed with cancer. Chaired by Edwin Hayashi, MD, this team of surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, and radiologists meet twice monthly to review unusual, aggressive, and/or complex cancer cases.

Meetings are held the first and third Wednesday of every month. During each session, the patient’s history, pertinent lab results, x-rays/imaging, and pathology are provided to this multidisciplinary team of physicians. These physicians, as a team, then determine the best course of action for each patient.

Sierra Vista has seen a steady increase in the number of cases presented each year, and equally important there has been an increase in the number of physicians attending the tumor boards. In 2015, over 185 Sierra Vista patients received the benefit of tumor board evaluation.
A special acknowledgement goes to the many physicians who participate in these cancer conferences:

Tim Auran, MDInterventional Radiologist 
Craig Canfield, MD Urologist 
Brian DiCarlo, MD Medical Oncologist
Gary Donath, MD Plastic Surgeon 
Brandie FiretagPathologist 
Clifford Gelman, MD General Surgeon 
Klaus Gottlieb, MD Gastroenterologist 
James Hannah, MD Pathologist 
Edwin Hayashi, MD General Surgeon 
Howard Hayashi, MD General Surgeon 
Carlos Hernandez, MD Gastroenterologist 
Larry Herron, MD Orthopedic Surgeon
Christopher Johnson, MDUrologist 
George Johnson, MD Gynecologist 
Robert Johnson, MD Radiation Oncologist 
Phillip Kissel, MD Neurosurgeon 
Joseph Kuntze, MD Urologist 
Daniel Lewis, MD Medical Oncologist
David Levin, MD Otolaryngologist 
James Longo, MD Radiation Oncologist 
Michael Malotte, MD Otolaryngologist 
Farah Mansuri, MD General Surgeon 
Mick Meiselman, MD Gastroentorologist 
Ross Michel, MD Pulmonologist 
Erik Olson, MD Radiologist 
David Palchak, MD Medical Oncologist 
Nancy Pawlik, MD General Surgeon 
Donald Ramberg, MD Neurosurgeon 
Zacharia Reagle, MD Pulmonologist 
Michael Ryan, MD Pulmonologist 
Eric Salinger, MD General Surgeon 
Mark Soll, MD Pulmonologist 
Thomas Spillane, MD Medical Oncologist 
Jonathan Stella, MD Radiation Oncologist 
Robert Stewart, MD Otolaryngologist 
Stephen Tidik, MD General Surgeon 
Deborah Villa, MD Medical Oncologist