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Kerrin's Labor & Delivery Story

Jun 6, 2019
Photo of KerrinKerrin has had three successful deliveries at Sierra Vista. She chose to go all natural with her first two children and opted for medication with her third. She used the labor tub when she was in labor with her son, Sawyer, and loved it. “The labor tub was just amazing! And the room with the tub was gorgeous!”

“I did get to use the labor tub with Sawyer. With my first, my water had broke by the time I came in so I just opted not to do it and used the shower instead, but I did use the tub with him and it was really nice. It was a really nice option to have. 

My nurse Erica was really good about coming in and helping me get in there really safely, and she had me still hooked up with the monitors that were working in the water which was really nice, and really she just kind of let me stay in basically as long as I wanted, and she brought me popsicles and jello to eat in the tub, and it was really nice.

I labored in there for a while and then got out, and then I think I got in again a little bit later. She was always so nice about coming in and filling up the water and making sure it was perfect temperature, and it was really nice. And the room with the tub is just gorgeous, it’s such a beautiful, roomy, I stayed in that room for my whole labor and delivery, and it was awesome. I loved it.” 

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