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Jayden's NICU Story

Jun 6, 2019
Photo of Jayden and ParentsAfter he was born via emergency C-section, Jayden spent a month and a half in Sierra Vista’s NICU. Now he’s a thriving, friendly little boy, his mom says.“He brings so much joy into this world. He just got an earlier start to do that.” Celebrating 30 years of miracles at Sierra Vista’s NICU!

Mom: “Jayden loves going to the park. He loves making new friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better son.”

Dad: “He’s always exploring. He’s always wanting to see new things and learn new things.”

Mom: “We were in the hospital for a month and a half. It was a roller coaster. I had to have an emergency C-section and because I had such high blood pressure, I wasn’t able to move. I wasn’t able to get up and go see him in the NICU. So, it had been about two days and they said, ‘Hey, you can go see him.’ So, they get me in my wheel chair and they roll me in there and they put him in my arms and he looks up and he smiles. I’ve never felt so happy or so much joy or so much love in my entire life.”

Dad: “You’re really excited and really happy because there’s a new member in your family, but at the same time it can be frightening because you’re not really sure how things are supposed to go.”

Mom: “Having Sierra Vista in our neighborhood was a treat. Their staff is amazing. The maternity ward, the NICU, the doctors- they’re all so great.”

Dad: “What they did in the NICU was amazing, to take care of him and get him ready to come home.”

Mom: “He brings so much joy into this world. He just got an earlier start to do that.”

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