Tenet Health Central Coast provides midwifery services. Pregnancy and Birth are normal physiological process’s for women that do not necessarily require medical intervention. Midwives are trained to provide a broad range of women’s health services, but pregnancy, birth, and postpartum health are the areas of care that their expertise is most often sought for.

A Certified Nurse-Midwife can provide education before you conceive, prenatal care, support throughout labor and delivery, postpartum care and breastfeeding support.

Preconception Counseling

Anticipating and preparing for a healthy pregnancy is an important first step to becoming a parent, or becoming a parent once more. Preconception counseling includes helping establish healthy behaviors, screening for potential obstacles to a healthy pregnancy, and reducing risk factors that could affect future pregnancies. This is also a good time to start building a foundation for your relationship with your midwife, since they will be with you for the entire, pregnancy, birth and post-pregnancy process.

Prenatal Care

As your pregnancy progresses, your midwife will partner with you for your prenatal care to ensure that you and your baby are healthy. This includes care for your emotional health, helping to put you at ease about any concerns or questions you have about the process of pregnancy and birth. The midwife will provide advice for preparing for labor and delivery and help you to finalize your desired preferences for the birth process.

Labor Support and Delivery Care

A Midwife provides labor and delivery support. She has specialized skills to help you through the natural process of birth and can also help you to make decisions about pain medication, if you so desire. During labor, the midwife will monitor you and the baby, and will guide you through the process of bringing your baby into the world. She will offer words of support and suggestions to increase relaxation and also suggest various positions and techniques to help you cope during the process which in many cases can delay or eliminate the need for pain medication, such as an epidural and increase the likelihood of having a vaginal birth. From labor to delivery, your midwife will be available to you assisting you to deliver your baby once it is time and providing care to both of you once the baby is born. The midwife has a close relationship with the medical staff and will obtain additional help if needed during any part of the labor and delivery process.

Postpartum Care and Breastfeeding Support

Your midwife will continue to provide care after you have given birth. Breastfeeding problems are not uncommon and your midwife can provide support and techniques if your baby is not eager to breastfeed or if you are experiencing any complications during the process. She will also assist you with pain management after birth, and will assess your newborn’s health as well. She will see you for your postpartum visits and address any concerns you may have about your recovery, discuss family planning and can continue to see you for your annual exams.

Postpartum Depression Counseling

Postpartum depression can occur for many mothers, and our midwife will monitor for signs of depression, and offer counseling and support. She can assist you in accessing resources in the community for additional support as well. Many women who experience depression after giving birth do not feel comfortable discussing this with their partner, family, or friends, and a midwife who has been by the mother’s side throughout the entire pregnancy journey is often a comforting person to speak to because of her familiarity with the pregnancy and her experience in counseling new mothers.

In alignment and partnership with your physician, a midwife can recognize when things are not normal during any stage of pre-pregnancy, birth, or postpartum, and collaborate with your physician for medical intervention, if needed.