Deluxe Labor Tub

Sierra Vista Regional Birth Center Delux Labor Tub

Hydrotherapy is a wonderful means of relaxation during labor. Music and aromatherapy also add a calming touch to our labor tub room. Our deluxe labor tubs available at both Twin Cities Community Hospital and Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center allow you to take advantage of the soothing properties of warm water to help ease labor pain. Soaking in a warm tub during labor can help relieve contractions and back pain by using the buoyancy of water to lift the weight of the baby off of the mother’s back. The water’s buoyancy allows you to easily change positions more easily, decrease muscular tension and reduce gravitational pull.

Unlike inflatable tubs that are often used at other facilities, our permanent tub is ergonomically designed to support your back and allow access for your doctor. The depth of the tub provides total immersion along with hand and foot grips for bracing and support. There are three removable doors for easy entry and exit, along with seating for you and your partner or coach.

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