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When it comes to getting an accurate diagnosis, clear diagnostic testing can provide an essential starting point. Our team of radiologists and technologists provide a range of quality imaging services. We use advanced technology and up-to-date procedures to provide your doctor with accurate, detailed information.

At Tenet Health Central Coast, we offer advanced diagnostic services both in our outpatient imaging centers and within each hospital. All of our services are performed by compassionate caregivers in a friendly, comfortable environment. Our focus is on your needs while providing accurate results that your care depends on.

After your imaging is completed, your doctor will advise you on the results and discuss any further testing or procedures needed, and discuss your treatment options with you. Diagnostic imaging services offered include X-ray, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT scan and nuclear medicine.

Digital Imaging

Accurate images allow you and your doctors to make informed decisions about your care.

At the Tenet Health Central Coast, we offer advanced digital imaging that has several benefits:
  • Improved imaging: With digital imaging, the magnification, orientation, brightness and contrast of the image helps the radiologist clearly see certain areas.
  • Less radiation: The radiation dose can be reduced significantly using the instantaneous, digital process.
  • Reduced exam time: Digital imaging allows faster and more accurate evaluation with less time spent taking images.
For diagnostic services, a doctor’s order is required. Appointment times are available at both Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and Twin Cities Community Hospital.

Twin Cities Community Hospital: (805) 434-4399.
Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center: (805) 546-7777.

Online Ultrasound Scheduling You can schedule the following ultrasound procedures online:
  • US Abdomen
  • US OB Less than 14 weeks
  • US OB Greater than 14 weeks
  • US Pelvis
  • US Kidney/Bladder
  • US Aorta
  • US Testicular/Scrotum
  • US Thyroid

Diagnostic Imaging Services

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