Current Visitor Policy

Scheduling & Visitor Restrictions

Effective Sept. 17, 2022, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has withdrawn the public health order requiring hospitals to verify visitor vaccination status and testing status.

Note that all visitors will still be screened in order to be allowed into the hospital:

  1. Visitors will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 per CDPH Guidelines (emergent medical care will still be provided)
  2. Tenet Health Central Coast hospitals will provide mask/face coverings (some visitors may be allowed to use their own if provides higher level of protection than the ones provided)
  3. Visitors will be logged in with the following information:
    1. Location within the hospital they are visiting
    2. Date and time of visitation
    3. Visitor’s legal name
  4. Visitors will be given a day-of-the-week sticker that will need to be displayed clearly sticker on the upper portion of their shirt while in the facility so staff know where they are authorized to visit.

Masks are still required for all visitors.

This state order is in keeping with our commitment to providing a safe environment for our patients, visitors, employees and the people of the communities we serve.

An approved mask must be worn at all times while in the facility (even while in a patient’s room, whether private or shared). Individuals failing to wear the mask properly will be required to leave the facility.

Tenet Health Central Coast is committed to taking the necessary and critical steps to ensure patients, visitors and staff in our hospitals are safe and remain healthy. We recognize being with loved ones promotes healing, decreases stress and anxiety, and assists in advocating and planning.

Visiting Hours

  • Inpatient Units:
    • Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    • Twin Cities Community Hospital: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Labor & Delivery and Postpartum: 24/7
  • Emergency Department: 24/7
  • Outpatient Surgical and Procedural: During hours of scheduled procedure
NOTE: Please call (833) 300-8748 in advance of your planned visit to verify visiting hours as they may vary by department and circumstance.

Designated Visitor/Support person

  1. Patients will be permitted two (2) visitors at a time as long as social distancing can be maintained. Exceptions include:
    • Emergency Department (ED) – One (1) visitor at a time, and the designated visitor may switch out.
      • Pediatric patients in ED – two (2) parent(s)/guardian(s) at a time.
    • Patients with Physical, Intellectual, and/or Developmental Disabilities and/or Cognitive Impairment – Patients may have more than one (1) visitor.
    • Doulas at Labor & Delivery – One (1) designated Doula is allowed to stay with patient until recovery (certification/credential required to be validated by L&D Department in advance).
    • Outpatient Surgical or Procedural – 1 visitor per visit.
    • Outpatient Service (i.e. lab, imaging, NST, etc.) – One (1) designated person, which neither the patient nor the designated person require proof of vaccination nor proof of negative COVID-19 test with 72 hours.
      NOTE 1: If there are exigent circumstances warranting exceptions to the visitation restriction please reach out to administration.
      NOTE 2: A Patient Under Investigation (PUI), or a patient who has a confirmed positive test result for COVID-19, cannot accept visitors.
      NOTE 3: An exception to any limited visitation policy at the hospital is Patients With Disabilities who require support from family members or staff in order for them to effectively communicate with medical personnel or otherwise receive equal access to medical treatment.
  2. Generally, visitors must be 18 years and older.
    • Some Minors may visit at the Unit at the discretion of the Unit Manager and must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Please check-in by calling the unit nursing station for specific unit requirements prior to entering the hospital.
  3. Visitation with COVID-19 Positive, COVID-19 Persons Under Investigation (PUI) and Behavioral Health Patients will not be permitted at this time.
  4. End-of-Life Patients and other Extenuating Circumstances will be managed by the director of the unit and multiple visitors may be allowed at their discretion.
  5. All visitors are required to stay in the patient room and not congregate in common areas (nursing station, cafeteria, hallways, etc.).


Restrictions for Hospital Entry/Exit

We are limiting hospital entry points to facilitate employee, physician, visitor and vendor screening and community safety.

Visitation Rights

Patients may receive visits from visitor(s) of their choice. Patients also have the right to withdraw or deny consent to visitation at any time.

Patients who lack capacity may receive visits from family, friends and other individuals, consistent with the non-discrimination provisions of this paragraph.

Tenet Health Central Coast is committed to ensuring that all visitors enjoy full and equal visitation privileges consistent with patient preferences.

Tenet Health Central Coast does not restrict, limit, or otherwise deny visitation privileges on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.