Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center Launches 24-Hour Hospitalist Program

Mar 29, 2019

Program improves patient experience and provides more efficient care

San Luis Obispo, Calif. – Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center has launched a new program that provides 24-hour, in-house physician coverage for patients.

Sierra Vista – the largest hospital in San Luis Obispo County – partnered with Envision Physician Services to provide comprehensive care for its patients around the clock. The new Hospitalist Program is comprised of seven physicians and three nurse practitioners, all of which are board certified in their respective fields.

Physicians whose practices are dedicated to providing care specifically to patients within the hospital are called Hospital Medicine Specialists or Hospitalists. Hospital Medicine is the latest medical specialization to be recognized by Medicare as a specialty.

By providing inpatient coverage 24/7, 365 days a year, patients receive care immediately, day or night. There is continuously a hospitalist on campus, readily available, who can evaluate patients as needed and adjust treatment plans throughout the day. The hospitalist coverage is in addition to what was already provided by the Emergency Department physicians around the clock.

“Patients and families can expect more face-to-face time with their physician hospitalists. This allows them to be better informed and educated about their condition and what to expect moving forward,” said Dr. Jose Yongco, Medical Director of Hospitalist Program at Sierra Vista. “Overall, patients typically recover faster and head home sooner when they feel connected to their physician and are in tune with their health.”

Patients will also notice their care being more team-based. Hospitalists collaborate with each patient’s primary care physician, other physician specialists, therapists and members of a multi-disciplinary group of providers to ensure patient care is timely, coordinated and seamless.

Without delay, hospitalists are able to admit patients from referring community physicians, trauma surgeons and the emergency department. They are also available immediately to respond to urgent or emergency inpatients concerns.

“At Sierra Vista, our team of hospitalists are here with our patients on campus, at all times. It’s like having your own dedicated physician when you are hospitalized,” said Mark Lisa, CEO of Sierra Vista. “Our hospitalists ensure the care they provide is comprehensive and patient-centered.”

By providing this around the clock coverage, patients and their families know earlier in the day when they will be discharged, allowing them ample time to prepare. In addition, patients who need to be hospitalized can expect to be moved out of the emergency department sooner, and emergency patients can expect a shorter wait time before being seen by a physician.

Sierra Vista’s sister hospital, Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton, also has a 24-hour hospitalist program. Together, the two hospitals provide 24/7 coverage so that no matter where patients are within the health system, patients can trust that they will always receive the highest quality of care, at all times of the day.

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