Tenet Health Central Coast’s Latest Advancement in Cancer Care: Gynecologic Oncology

Mar 27, 2023

THCC Program Integrates State-of-the-Art Tech and Holistic Methodologies

da-vinci-prep-300x200In addition to being the only health system in San Luis Obispo County to fight cancer with the advanced technological tools of Savi-SCOUT, Blue Light Cystoscopy and Robotic Bronchoscopy, Tenet Health Central Coast is proud to announce the launch of its Gynecological Oncology Program.

“A lot of people ask if it’s more gynecological or more oncological, and the reality is – when it comes to these cancers – is that they are inseparable,” said Dr. Steven Vasilev, who directs the Gynecological Oncology Program for Tenet Health Central Coast Primary & Specialty Care. “This is a separate, board certified specialty and is really the ‘quarterback’ of coordinating care for patients that often have complex and daunting challenges.”

The state-of-the-art program features integrative approaches, which includes using Tenet Health Central Coast’s da Vinci Surgery System. In addition to precision and providing surgeons 3D high-definition views of the surgery area that are 10 times what the human eye could see without the da Vinci system, benefits of this type of surgery include:

  • Less pain and blood loss during and after surgery.
  • Quicker return to day-to-day activities.
  • Shorter hospital stays.
  • Less scarring.
  • Fewer complications.

Dr. Vasilev calls it, “higher tech for a kindler, gentler surgery,” which is really the goal so patients have the rest and strength to keep fighting the disease, which may include other components, such as chemotherapy.

An important aspect to THCC’s Gynecological Oncology Program is the integration of telemedicine, which has tremendous advantages that include overcoming travel challenges for weakened patients for both medical appointments and counseling, plus it makes it easier for families to participate in supporting the patient.

And what about holistic integrative health techniques?

“The reality is that some 80% of patients are doing some form of holistic treatment, to try to give themselves that extra help, whether it’s perceived or real. But often they won’t tell their doctor because they are afraid their physician won’t understand or approve,” said Dr. Vasilev, uniquely board certified in gynecology, gynecologic oncology and natural & holistic integrative health – which has to be recertified annually. “These patients could end up going to someone who suggests things that interfere with the proven therapies that are part of the patient’s healing plan. So I have always integrated holistic healing to be included in the programs I have built.”

Along with his vast experience in the field, Dr. Vasilev is a Professor and Chairman at Gynecologic Oncology Research Saint John’s Cancer Research Institute (formerly John Wayne Cancer Institute), a professor of Gynecologic Oncology at Loma Linda University School of Medicine and has been named to the “Southern California Super Doctors” by the independent research group MSP Communications.

“It’s really a labor of love. When you bring expert physicians to a program that truly care about their patients as individuals and are able to direct a patient all the way through the process, you end up building more than a program – you have a community of people who really appreciate life and caring for one another.”

Truly, a Community Built on Care.

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