Triplet's NICU Story

Jun 6, 2019
Photo of Chad Travis and BrookeWhen they’re first born, you can’t even touch them because their skin is so thin,” says a father of triplets born two months early. Now those triplets are healthy 8-year-olds thanks to the neonatal intensive care unit at Sierra Vista Birth Center. Celebrating 30 years of miracles.

Mom: “Chad, Brooke, and Travis are eight years old and they’re great kids.”

Dad: “You would never know they were in the NICU. They play sports, they swim.”

Mom: “They wrestle. Everything normal eight-year-old’s do. They were two months early and so tiny. They were so tiny.”

Dad: “When they’re first born, you can’t really even touch them because their skin is so thin. So, when you actually get to hold them and touch them, it’s awesome.”

Mom: “With Sierra Vista and the NICU and the people that work there, they prepare you so much that you know you’re in the best hands possible, so you know whatever’s going to happen, you’re where you’re supposed to be. I was ready for Chad to come home. I was not ready for Travis.”

Dad: “Travis just barely turned four pounds. We put him in his car seat- all the buckles crunched together.”

Mom: “When Brooke finally got to come home, that was an amazing moment because our whole family was together. I did miss the staff when we got home, that’s for sure. Oh my gosh. I’m like, ‘Where’s my helpers?’ After experiencing the whole thing, I can’t say enough good things about Sierra Vista, the people. Amazing. Amazing.”