Sarah & Katie's NICU Story

Jun 6, 2019
Photo of Sarah and KatieBorn at seven months, twins Sarah and Katie spent nearly a month in Sierra Vista’s NICU. Now 18, the twins return to the NICU with their mother every Mother’s Day weekend, offering thanks — and a basket of treats. Sierra Vista’s NICU — celebrating 30 years of miracles!

Mom: “Katie and Sarah just turned 18 and they’re going off to college and doing their thing. Our NICU babies are doing so well.”

Mom: “They did start off pretty tiny. We knew that we were going to have a high-risk delivery and so, that was the reason that we chose Sierra Vista. They ended up delivering the girls at about seven months. We were in the NICU for a little less than a month. The nurses make you really feel a part of what’s going on and the doctors include you in all the decisions.”

Mom: “We got to go home for Mother’s Day and it was our first Mother’s Day together, so we make it a tradition in our family to go the weekend of Mother’s Day. We take a basket of snacks and treats, just as a thank you because it was just so important to us that we got to go home for Mother’s Day. Now, it’s been 18 years and they still remember the girls.”

Mom: “We really feel blessed that we were able to have the care that we had and have that close to home. I think that there are angels in the NICU.”