Rosa's Surrogate Story

Jun 6, 2019
Photo of RosaAfter years of struggling to have a baby, Rosa and her husband chose to use a surrogate to have their baby girl, Aviana Rose. “The Sierra Vista staff is utterly professional, the rooms are private and comfortable. They are very accommodating, no matter what your situation is… we all start our families in different ways, and they’re very aware of that and make you feel totally special.”

It was great, the staff was amazing, the whole floor knew of our situation, knew that we were having her be a surrogate. They made it a point to call me mom, and not our surrogate, which was great, because you know I was afraid that I was going to have trouble bonding with her because I was removed from the whole process, but the staff, it was wonderful. They gave us our own room, so that we got to room in with our baby, and when we went home we took our baby home. So it was a great experience, and everyone was very very supportive, very very compassionate, very very understanding there.”