Mary's Labor & Delivery Story

Jun 6, 2019
Photo of MaryMary has had two successful C-sections at Sierra Vista. Mary chose Sierra Vista because of the highly trained staff, private rooms and the reassurance of the NICU. “Knowing that you are guaranteed a private room is key and just knowing that the NICU is there is important, because you never know what could happen.”

“This is Tyler, he’s three months old and he is baby number two for us. We also have a twenty-eight month old baby, and we had two great experiences at Sierra Vista. With our first, Tori, she was breach and we found that out about thirty-eight and a half weeks, so we ended up scheduling a C-section, which wasn’t our original plan, but everything turned out great.

I mean I feel like we just had the Dream Team in the O.R., and just everything went as smoothly as it could have which was such a blessing. And I think that for us just having the assurance that the NICU was there, in case we needed it was huge, and thankfully we didn’t.

And then with this guy we did a repeat C-section, and again great experience through the O.R. and the whole going to the recovery room, getting to nurse as soon as possible was fantastic. With him there was a little bit of an issue with his breathing and his lungs, and he never ended up having to go to the NICU, but we felt just good knowing it was there. We didn’t want a situation where he would have to be transferred to a different hospital and we would have that separation, but thankfully we didn’t have to do that.

So we had two great experiences and my husband would feel the same way too. He felt very included and with the nurses we just felt like some of them, with the two pregnancies, just kind of became family. We had nurses come and visit us in the hospital that weren’t working and brought us flowers, and it was just as good of an experience as we could have expected. It was wonderful.”