LGBTQ + Patient ED Story

May 28, 2019

38 year-old man, SLO County

“I went into the ER recently and was treated with utmost dignity and respect as a gay man. I feel that to be very instrumental in my healing process.”

Max* wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t getting any better. He decided to go to the Emergency Department at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. From the moment he checked in, he felt “safe.” During his care, a registered nurse calmed him with her caring touch by putting her hand on his and making sure he understood what labs were going to be taken. The lab results were quickly retuned and Max didn’t wait long before he saw a physician who explained everything. The physician went over every detail including his follow-up care and answered all of Max’s questions. Max left feeling confident about his care and respected as a human being.

*name was changed to protect the identity of the person