Juliette's Labor & Delivery Story

Jun 6, 2019
Photo of Juliette“I would highly recommend Sierra Vista to anyone.” Juliette delivered her first baby, Micah, on June 4th, 2014 at Sierra Vista. “From labor and delivery to the post-partum floor, to the NICU, the nurses were amazing.”

“Micah was born on his due date of June 4th, which is amazing, and I think I had a pretty easy labor. We were at the hospital at 9:00 and he was born at 2:30, so that was good. He did have some breathing issues, so they had the NICU nurses on standby there to help him, and then afterwards he still had some additional issues so he was in NICU for about five days. 

What stands out about my experience were the nurses in the NICU. They were amazing and really wanted him to get out of the hospital quickly, so they helped me do what I needed to do to help him to be successful. I think like what you said, it was really great to have some of the techniques that they showed you. I was like, ‘Oh thank heavens.’ I was nervous to actually take him home because I’m like, ‘Oh right, I’m going to have to do all this by myself.’ Because they really taught you a lot of tips and tricks and things to do so, and that’s why I chose Sierra Vista too is just in case, you know I wanted to have the NICU there if we needed it and to be able to be there with him, so yeah that’s my experience. 

The nurses are amazing. All of them. So I had a great experience from labor delivery to the postpartum floor to the NICU nurses, so I really appreciated them.”