Why Luke chose Twin Cities

Dec 17, 2019

When Luke and his wife learned they were expecting their first child, they started to create their birth plan and tour local hospitals in San Luis Obispo County.

“We live in San Luis Obispo, however in the process of considering our labor and delivery options, we toured the hospitals in San Luis Obispo as well as Twin Cities. While we had good experiences touring the San Luis Obispo options, we were blown away with the warmth and competence demonstrated by the Twin Cities team, as well as the overall comfort of the facility itself” said Luke. It was “Just a feeling; welcoming, warm, comfortable.”

“We ended up with a lengthy labor and got to know the nursing staff well over our six-day stay. My wife and I were continually amazed at the professionalism, warmth, and caring spirit exhibited by everyone we interacted with. From the nursing staff, to the lactation consultants, to the janitorial staff; we were made to feel as if being taken care of by family,” continued Luke.

They were given the information and guidance to make informed decisions that were in-line with their birth plan. The family found the Twin Cities staff to be empathetic and sympathetic.

“When my daughter was born, she had trouble breathing and a very faint heartbeat. While I was paralyzed with fear, the medical team sprang into action, swiftly and expertly stabilizing her while providing my wife and I regular updates and reassurance throughout the process,” added Luke. “I’m convinced that the acute care she received in the immediate moments after her birth, as well as the meticulous monitoring and treatment she received in her time in the nursery, was critical in ensuring her survival and setting her up to thrive in the coming days and weeks.”

“Over the course of our pregnancy, when we mentioned to someone in San Luis Obispo that we were venturing over the grade to deliver our baby at Twin Cities, we were given a confused and sometimes concerned look. I can say without question that choosing to have our daughter at Twin Cities hospital was one of the best decisions we made throughout our pregnancy,” ended Luke.

Luke, his wife, and their baby girl are healthy and flourishing.