Holley’s Post-Partum Story

May 24, 2019

HollyHolley and her husband hoped for years to become pregnant. When they learned they were expecting a little bundle, they were overjoyed.  Holley had a happy, healthy pregnancy and delivery.

While still in the parking lot at Twin Cities Community Hospital, anxiety set in as Holley and her new baby went home for the first time. “I started crying and didn’t stop crying for weeks,” says Holley.

Holley suffered with depression and anxiety. Her days were filled with worry and fear.

Holley, her husband and their new baby went to see Lactation Consultant, Mishell Whitacre. Mishell noticed that Holley was not herself and was having difficulties answering questions and interacting. Mishell encouraged Holley to attend the Navigating Motherhood Support Group at Twin Cities Community Hospital, a free class for the community.  The support group is facilitated by Michelle Blanc, a licensed social worker at Twin Cities with special training in postpartum depression; Sandy Dishen, a registered nurse and lactation specialist from the hospital’s Birth and Baby Center and Mishell.

After some continued encouragement from Holley’s husband and Mishell, Holley decided to try the support group. Holley met “Another first-time mom going through the same situation, she felt the same way I did! It was so helpful to be around people going through the same struggles, as well as hearing how the seasoned moms made it through new motherhood,” says Holley.

“The gals running this group bring so much good stuff to share with us,” says Holley. “Coping tools, exercises and activities for the mind and body. Within a short period the fog lifted and I was able to fully enjoy my little boy and soak-up every ounce of sweetness.”

Holley and her little boy continue to attend the Navigating Motherhood Support Group.

Holley hopes sharing her story with others will bring to light the need for new mothers and their partners to understand the severity of Post-Partum Depression and get help.

For more information about the Navigating Motherhood Support Group or Birth and Baby Services at Twin Cities Community Hospital, log onto twincitieshospital.com or call (805) 434-3500.