Dennis's ICU Story

Dec 27, 2019

Dennis’s story, The best care anywhere!

Dennis and TheresaDennis and his lovely wife were visiting family on the Central Coast after just celebrating their 50th anniversary on a cruise ship. He remembers telling his brother-in-law that he couldn’t breathe but he doesn’t remember what happened after that.

Dennis woke up in the Intensive Care Unit at Twin Cities Community Hospital.

“The staff explained everything,” said Dennis. “The doctor was great and staff unbelievable! I always felt like I knew what was going on, what care they were giving me and what I needed to get better. My care was never delayed. If I asked, they were there. If I asked a question, they always gave me an answer. Even the meals were great.”

Dennis is a self-proclaimed expert patient of sorts, having been in the hospital 15 or more times in his life. “I’ve never had such quality and care anywhere,” added Dennis, “Best treatment in my life!”

“One thing that was so fabulous was that I hadn’t had a chance to shave since I was in the hospital. I looked shabby and felt uncomfortable, as I am used to shaving every day. I mentioned how I was feeling to my nurse and she said ‘No problem, we can fix that’ and quickly returned with a razor. She took the time to shave my face and made me feel one hundred percent better,” added Dennis. “She went out of her way and that’s what I appreciated. It’s the little things that made the difference.”

Dennis is now back home and recovering but still awed by the care he received from Twin Cities Community Hospital.