Offering Innovative, High-Quality Care at Tenet Health Central Coast

Jun 15, 2021

Dear fellow community members and colleagues,

It is an axiom that many great things are accomplished in the face of a formidable foe, such as COVID-19. This has been true at Tenet Health Central Coast and I am proud to say that we have accomplished integrating innovation to create quality care that is safe, affordable and more accessible than ever before.   

Over the past couple of years we have brought in state-of-the-art technology to help patient access and to assist physicians with precision in particularly sensitive surgeries, such as tumor removal or neuro and spine surgeries.  

For example, Tenet Health Central Coast is the only healthcare system on the Central Coast that offers the Savi-SCOUT system for breast tumors: during surgery, the SCOUT guide saves quality tissue by showing the location of the tumor to within one millimeter of accuracy.

We are also neuro surgical leaders with an interventional stroke program that is the first to be accredited for Advanced Mechanical Thrombectomy in the region and our recent affiliation with the University of California, San Francisco and UCSF Health provides access to a nationally-recognized network of neurosurgical and spine care services here on the Central Coast. Combining UCSF’s expertise with advanced technology – that includes real-time consultations from neurosurgeons and experts during surgery – has created a new level of care for Central Coast communities.

Our neuro care team utilizes a Neurosurgical scope that fluoresces tumor tissue during surgery, ensuring accurate tumor resection that helps keep non-cancerous brain matter safe during brain surgery. They also utilize a device called the O-Arm that has sub-millimeter precision when performing spine surgery.

At Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the only Level III NICU in the County, we are launching the NicView webcam system for each baby to help parents feel connected with their newborn, even when they are physically separate. 

For emergency care, we have the unique Tele-ER service where you can call and speak with our Emergency Room nurses and doctors to decide if you need to go to the nearest Emergency Department. In many cases, people do not need to come in, and it saves them money and time. In many other cases, they do need to go into the Emergency Department and it saves lives.

Another tool that we are piloting to help with the Emergency Department experience is the “ER Advisor” app. This app can be downloaded to your phone when visiting the ER to help keep you informed of the status of your visit, such as how long it may take for lab results to come back. It can be shared with your family so they may have more peace of mind while you are in the Emergency Department’s care. It also helps coordinate care continuity at the end of your visit.

Some of the innovations are not technology, but programs or approaches to care that help take fear out processes and help people feel more comfortable accessing care.

An example of this that I am extremely proud of during Pride Month is our achievement in earning the “LGBTQ+ Health Care Equality Leader” designation from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC). The designation for both our hospitals confirms we provide equitable care, in an environment that is welcoming and affirming. Tenet Health Central Coast hospitals are the only hospitals in the region with this designation.

Other unique community-focused programs we have include our Yoga in the Park for Cancer Survivors and our Stroke Support groups.

At Tenet Health Central Coast, we know that when people feel secure and comfortable, they heal more quickly. By combining top technology and quality with meaningful access and community programs, we are doing our best to take care of you in every way.



Mark Lisa, CEO
Tenet Health Central Coast