Celebrating Tenet Health Central Coast Physicians

Mar 30, 2021

Dear fellow community members and colleagues,

As we seemingly are closer to emerging from the pandemic, I feel that we owe it to posterity to look at this remarkable past year, and to give recognition to some of those who were foot soldiers in the battle against the virus.

Among many, it is appropriate on this date that we give recognition to our physicians across the country, and here on the Central Coast. March 30 is officially National Doctors’ Day. I’m not a fan of hero worship, but it is imperative that we understand the important, truly “front line” position our physicians took in battling COVID-19 and, just as significantly, carrying on the fight against other disease and injury: cancer, stroke, cardio-pulmonary disease, trauma, emotional and behavioral illness. And, let us not forget the physicians who not only brought new life into the world, but those who shepherded the transition from this world to the next with grace and compassion, consoling families, friends and loved ones.

Our physicians carried forth and channeled the spirit of Navy Cross recipient Dr. Corydon M. Wassell who, in the face of an encroaching lethal enemy, refused to run and refused to abandon his patients that could not care for themselves. In these past 14 months, we have borne witness to that same love of patient and community from our physicians. Courage, dedication and professionalism continue to be the hallmark of these practitioners.

Now, more than ever, National Doctors’ Day has meaning for everyone and it is a time to pause and show our appreciation. It is one day on the calendar, but I don’t think anyone thinks that it really isn’t every day we look to our physicians with thanks and appreciation.

It’s no small thing. Like us, they all have families they have to leave at the beginning of their workday and go home to at the end of their shift. Their spouses worry, their kids worry, their parents worry, and their neighbors worry. And, of course, the doctors themselves worry.

However, their concerns for those in need continue to take precedence. As one of our emergency physicians said to me early on in the pandemic, “This is what we trained for and this is what we’re here for – let’s get to work.”

They did. In a short time, they helped guide and build new ways of care for patient and staff safety, new telehealth platforms, such as Tele-ER, contingency plans for surges in cases, and seemingly a million other details. We are all better for it.

That is why March 30 is a day to honor doctors for all that they have done, and continue to do, to keep our communities healthy in the face of an invisible and lethal disease. We don’t just honor them for being doctors, we also honor them as people. They are our friends and neighbors and an essential part of our Community Built on Care. We are proud to stand with them in defeating this disease and every challenge.

Please join me in giving heartfelt thanks to all our doctors for their commitment and care.

Mark Lisa, CEO
Tenet Health Central Coast